Heroes Among Us KC Give Back to our Nation' s Heroes

Our Purpose and Mission
At Heroes Among Us Kansas City, we hold a deep respect for the brave men and women who have selflessly risked everything to ensure our safety, freedom, and the values we hold dear. Our core purpose is to give back to these heroes and their families by providing temporary financial aid when they need it the most. Through our 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, we offer assistance to veterans and first responders who are facing challenges, ensuring they never stand alone on their journey.

Our Approach
Central to our approach is the power of community. Our dedicated volunteers, driven by a shared passion for supporting our heroes, lead fundraising drives that fuel our mission. These efforts ensure that our assistance reaches the individuals who need it most, enabling us to go the extra mile in making a difference.

Contact Us
Have questions, suggestions, or want to know more about Heroes Among Us Kansas City? Reach out via our contact page, email, Facebook or just call us at (816) 518-8723. We're here to connect, collaborate, and create a brighter future for our defenders.

Thank you for being a vital part of our mission to go the extra mile in supporting our defenders. Together, we rise to salute their unwavering dedication and service.

Donate via your mobile device
Heroes Among Us Kansas City is more than just a financial aid provider. We've cultivated partnerships and connections with other nonprofit organizations that specialize in various forms of veteran support. Scan the QR code to donate to so those who have given so much can get the care they deserve.

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