Heroes Among Us KC Give Back to our Nation' s Heroes

Going the Extra Mile in Supporting Our Defenders

About Heroes Among Us Kansas City
Welcome to Heroes Among Us Kansas City, a beacon of support and gratitude for our true defenders. Established in 2010 as HAU Midwest and later rebranded as Heroes Among Us Kansas City, we've been on an unwavering mission to stand by our veterans, active-duty soldiers, and first responders who've dedicated their lives to safeguarding our nation.

Our Impact Over the Years
Since our inception, Heroes Among Us Kansas City has been a driving force of positive change across the Midwest. With your invaluable assistance, we've been able to offer a lifeline to those who've dedicated their lives to protecting us. From providing relief during times of hardship to being a guiding light for those seeking assistance, our impact stretches far beyond financial aid.

Connecting Heroes to Resources
Heroes Among Us Kansas City is more than just a financial aid provider. We've cultivated partnerships and connections with other nonprofit organizations that specialize in various forms of veteran support. This network amplifies our reach, ensuring that our heroes are connected to the comprehensive resources they deserve.

Join the Movement
Our website isn't just a page; it's a gateway to becoming a part of something larger than ourselves. Whether you're interested in donating, volunteering, or simply learning more about our journey, we welcome you to explore our platform. Join us in honoring those who've answered the call of duty and help us ensure that their sacrifices are never forgotten.
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